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      Protero Wines Australia

      Protero Wines Australia

      Protero Wines Australia


      Planted in 2000, the Protero vineyard lies on a stony ridge to the east of the road between the historic towns of Gumeracha (Gum-er-aka) and Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills. Every tiny aspect of the vineyard was researched, planned and designed. Weather patterns were studied, a comprehensive detailed soil report undertaken, and all aspects of topography of the land were scrutinised. From this, six varieties were planted under 32 acres of land.

      ?Pinot Noir
      ?Cabernet Sauvignon

      Protero is a cool climate vineyard elevated between 390 and 450 metres above sea level. Hand pruning and picking coupled with low yields, aid in achieving high quality fruit.

      The unique soil profile across the vineyard is predominantly sandy loam, variant gradients of clay, weathering rock to bedrock. This bedrock lies about six foot beneath the surface forcing the vines' tap roots to work harder to penetrate the soil, increasing intensity of fruit flavours.

      Protero have focused on single vineyard and single varietal wines. Protero offer a portfolio that highlights varietal characteristics and the ancient geology the vines grow on.

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