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    • Yao Ming the Philosopher

      2007-03-01 16:36

      "Learn to fight when you are in a war."
      -- Yao Ming said of his comprehension and study of American language and culture.

    • Yao Ming the Center

      2007-03-01 16:38

      "I don't really have anything to say. Basketball is not a game that you can play with your mouth. It needs action to prove yourself."

    • Yao Ming the Newshound Torturer

      2007-03-01 16:39

      "I can see well enough on the 28-meter basketball court."
      -- Yao Ming said when a journalist asked whether his addiction to video games has affected his vision.

    • Yao Ming in the 2007 Playoffs

      2007-04-30 10:01

      "Look at the play before (halftime), Williams drives from halfcourt all the way to the paint with five seconds left. We still have time, and we just ... shoot a running 3-point shot. That's like, 'How much do you want to play?' "

    • Yao Ming the scorer

      2007-03-15 16:24

      It's getting better every day.
      -- Yao said after scoring 37 points in the Rockets' 103-92 victory over Orlando.

    • Yao Ming the Player

      2007-03-21 14:26

      "I mean, come on. It should be more than that. I do my part. I fight inside. But if they don't give me the call, then they don't give me the call."

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