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      Protero Wines Australia

      Protero Wines Australia

      Kenton Hill Vineyards - Home of Protero Wines


      Nestled peacefully within the Adelaide Hills is the charming picturesque township of Gumeracha . Kenton Hill Vineyards - "The Home of Protero Wines" lies on a Stony Ridge to the east of the road between Gumeracha & Lobethal. The word Gumeracha is believed to derive from the aboriginal word "umeracha". This was the name of a waterhole used frequently by the aboriginal people of the area. It is not known how or when the name was changed to Gumeracha.

      To this day, Gumeracha continues to retain its natural beauty & rural charm. It is surrounded by highly fertile agricultural and grazing land that is fast being turned over to viticulture.

      Frank Baldasso is indeed passionate about the land he bought with every last inch being used. Areas not suitable for the cultivation of vines have been planted with limes, lemons, chestnuts and apples, or used as grazing land for cattle.

      Kenton Hill Vineyards Pty Ltd.
      239 Kenton Valley Road Gumeracha SA 5233

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