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      Protero Wines Australia

      Protero Wines Australia

      About Protero Wines

      P R O T E R O

      P R O T E R O initially began as a retirement project for Frank and Rosemary Baldasso. Realising the quality of the fruit their Gumeracha vineyard was producing, they decided to create the Protero label using two of Australia's finest winemakers; Paul Drogemuller and S.C. Pannell.

      Frank Baldasso's vision and passion for the land has transpired into a sustainable and low carbon approach.

      Protero takes its name from the Proterozoic geological epoch formed around 1 to 2 billion years ago. It is from these greatly weathered stones that the soil of our vineyard comes from.

      PROTEROZOIC literally means former life?or the life which came first? referring to the fact that during this tumultuous age, which stretched from 570 million years back to 2.6 billion years, the first types of multi-cellular life began to form. In contrast, the famous Kimmeridgean chalks below Chablis are 60 million years old.

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